Christ’s Church of the Valley opens new campus in Scottsdale, Arizona

By Jason Simpson of AZ

Christ’s Church of the Valley draws more than 19,000 people each week to services in Peoria and Surprise, and church leaders say that many of them come from Scottsdale. A new church campus, led by former NFL player Travis Brown, will make their drive much shorter.

The Scottsdale campus has two buildings, including an auditorium that will seat about 750 people. Brown has said that more than 800 people have already expressed an interest in joining the church.

Brown says that the church wants to attract people who may not go to church or who have misconceptions about it. The church’s neighborhood groups, small weekly gatherings based on geographic location, offer opportunities for people to meet their neighbors, talk about the Bible, and get involved in their communities.

Christ’s Church of the Valley is non-denominational. It regularly hosts events where people are encouraged to get to know each other and have fun and provides service projects where people can help improve their neighborhoods.

About the author:
Jason Simpson is the owner JDS Enterprise, LLC, which operates New Deal Used Cars in Glendale, Arizona. He regularly attends Christ’s Church of the Valley.