Checking a Used Car for Water Damage

Jason Simpson of AZ currently functions as the owner of JDS Enterprise, LLC, a used automobile dealer located in Glendale, Arizona. In addition to providing a full-service car buying experience to Arizona customers, Jason Simpson of AZ has complied with the U.S. Department of Transportation in their efforts to keep water damaged cars off of the market.

Cars that have been caught in a flood will demonstrate serious issues within the engine and the car’s electrical system. Unfortunately, the lack of cosmetic damage can make it easy for a disreputable seller to pass off a water damaged car to an unsuspecting buyer. The first step to take when buying a used car is to run the VIN number to see if it has been registered as a flood damaged vehicle. If the car does not register as having been flooded, there are additional steps the buyer can take to ensure this fact.

Any used car with new upholstery or mismatched carpets and upholstery should give a buyer significant concern. Rust is another telltale sign of water damage, particularly in usual places like door hinges or along the trunk. Rust inside the car, such as under the gas and brake pedals, can also indicate a history of flooding. Testing the car’s features should be a must for any pre-owned vehicle shopper, especially if water damage is a possibility. Any electrical malfunctions can be evidence of flooding, particularly if wires running beneath the dashboard are brittle, another sign of water damage.

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