From the Desk of Jason David Simpson: Benefits of Purchasing a Certified Used Car

Buying a preowned car seems like risky business, especially when there is no guarantee that the car is in good running condition and no warranty is provided to protect the buyer in the event of problems. Although no used vehicle is perfect, the certification offers a degree of security and peace of mind.

The primary benefit of purchasing a certified used car is that the vehicle has undergone a comprehensive inspection, and that problems are repaired. Substandard cars don’t qualify for the program. Even though the car is used, repairs are covered by the warranty and the new owner needn’t worry about expensive breakdowns.

Certified used cars may be more expensive than regular used cars, but the cost is still considerably lower than the price of a brand new car. This makes certified used cars an attractive alternative when money is tight. In addition, purchase of a certified used car often includes additional benefits such as roadside assistance and free routine maintenance.

New Deal Used Cars, based in Glendale, Arizona, offers a huge selection of quality preowned cars with new cars arriving daily, all under $10,000. Owner Jason Simpson ensures that all of New Deal’s used cars are certified used cars, and that all are emission-tested. Trade-ins are welcome.

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